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    ViXa - Medical Technology For Life

    ViXa's team has the vision and expertise to create solutions for some of the toughest and most persistent problems in medicine.

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    Malignant Seeding - A Deadly Complication

    Biopsies are the preferred method for cancer diagnostics. They can also accidentally advance the disease. ViXa's flagship device, SiragoTM was made to address this deadly complication.

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    SiragoTM Takes First Place at MIT Forum

    ViXa's anti-seeding device wins first place honors and $3000 at the 2013 MIT Enterprise Forum in Chicago.

Biopsy Seeding

Biopsy needle-tract seeding is a growing concern in cancer diagnostics. Most soft-tissue biopsies performed have a chance of spreading the cancer to other parts of the body - potentially turning a cancer from treatable to terminal. :More

Sirago: Anti-Seeding

The Sirago device was designed to eliminate the potential for seeding. This promises safer biopsies, reduction in long-term costs to patients and providers, and physicians more confident in using a powerful diagnostic technique. :More


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